I'm homesick

on Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It has been quite some time since i went back home. I wonder how is everyones is doing?
Mum haven't contacted me at all. same goes for my brother. I wonder if everyone is ok at home.
I still has a lot of work to be done here. the kids that came for the new bacth are one wild bunch.
rowdiest bunch so far as i can remember.

I'm not gonna give up just because some kid who think the world is his, is giving me a bad time. No sir. I'm going to teach them a thing or two about respecting the elders and others. I'm going to teach them to love the country, to give back to the country after the country has given so much to them.

I miss my family and my friends. It takes a while to get used to the loneliness at night, to the emptiness that i feel inside everyday but all is not lost for i have new friends here eventhou there are language barriers that i have to overcome. After 2 years working here i still have some problem understanding the local language here.mostly it is the dialects that i'm having trouble with.

The workplace just installed an internet line yesterday. It is a relive for now i can save time for i dont have to travel to the nearest town that is 30 minutes away just to check my email. I'm writing this at lunch time as this is the time where i will try to relaxed and have a bite to eat. the food isn't great but it fills the stomach.

This saturday there will be a fishing competition among the staffs. I hope to win but who knows. Fishing is all about luck and skills. There are some really big fish in the lake. I hope to bag the big one. The Big Boss of the Fish. Cunning fellow. 2 Years i have been trying to get him but he still aint taking my hooks.