Moving house

on Sunday, December 28, 2008

I am moving from to my new blog at The reason is just simply that I find that wordpress is much easier to work with. It integrates well with my software as compare to blogspot. I will be updating this blog as usual but more as a mirror to the new blog. Hence this blog will be rendered entirely or words and no pictures. For the same blog with pic you can got o my new one at

It is really irony

on Sunday, December 21, 2008

It have been raining for the past 3 day and night and today it is really hot and sunny. The sun is out, the clouds are fluffy and it seems like everything is fine. But the weather man said it is still alert level yellow in my area and that can only mean more rains is forecasted.

I have been travelling to Bintulu the last weekend and I have to say that I really enjoy it there. Much much more civilized compared to Sibu. The people there really know how to enjoy themselves. In that I mean they take time out to bring their families to the beach and have birthday celebrations and picnics and such. I have been to Bintulu before and this is the first time I got the chance to really see what the people there are like.

There is an old landing strip, a runway used before the new airport was build right in the middle of Bintulu. I went there out of curiosity and I saw a lot of activities there. There were a group of guys playing RC cars and planes, some were play

ing kites, others were jogging of playing Futsal. All on the small strip of tarmac. I would say it is about 2.5-3km long but what I saw is truly remarkable. People from different classes, backgrounds and races were talking, laughing and generally having fun with each other. They were also quite friendly and inquired about myself and my friend for we were driving a KL plated car and seeing our faces and the way we talked they knew that we weren't local.

It is the complete opposite here in Sibu.

Anyway enough of the pitter patter.

Here are some photos that I took when I was in Bintulu. I will post in some other time the wedding that I went to.

Just look at them having fun. I cannot imagine what will they do if someone kick the ball into the sea.

It has been a long time since I played in the sea. I thought I could have a swim here in Bintulu's famous Tanjung Batu but seeing the wave I didn't.

Then I found this sign.

Considering I couldn't have a swim so I just walk along the entire length of the beach and at the very end I found this little fellow. Have a guess what it is.

A snail perhaps.

It is actually a hermit crab. There were a few of them running around in the sand.

This is a food court/plaza at the beach. I had rojak sotong kangkung,20 satay sticks and young coconut water. The price was ok.

Here are some people playing what I belive is tandem kites or something of that name. It is really fun to look at them performing synchronize stunts.

Had my dinner here. Didn't expect in Bintulu to find the famous Hartz Chicken Bufet. Rm18.50 per head.

I wonder why does the government doesn't do anything about them. There is a lot of them here in Sarawak.

The next morning it was off to see a friend of mine in a National Service Training Camp. What happen inside is not for the public eyes.

The road there wasn't properly service. Ironicly there is a large signboard indicating who is servicing this road and I don't think they are doing their jobs properly.

Afterward I went to a new mall called New Park City Mall. Nothing much inside. Just a few shops.

Found this while I was driving around to look for a parking space. Even the police doesn't know how to park properly. They should be issued a summon.

And that is what i did during my stay in Bintulu. Nothing much considering i had been there a couple of times already.