Raya Pics

on Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I just got back from my raya holidays 30 days at my home town, shuttling between kl and kuantan. the workplace looks great with a lot of renovation going on. for the meant time i will just post some raya pics. still got the writers block in me.

It was a surprise to see that my family have actually adopted an orphaned civet cat(musang pandan). a cure little fellow but you have to watch out for the agility of the this creature. countless times at home when i let my guard down the musang would pounce on me. it is not actually attacking me but playing.

This is a picture of my friend who is driving back to Kuantan to celebrate hari raya with his in-laws. he offered me a ride considering that i would be spending hari raya with my future in-laws. yes folks, i'm getting married.
the guy on the left is pak razak.He is my gf's uncle and is the cook at a restaurant that is seen here. the smiling lady is my future mother in-law. take note of the giant roti canai on the plate. 4 person could eat that together.

this is the old mosque in pekan, pahang. it is now more of a heritage then a place of worship
i forgotten the name of this place but is is a museum. i haven't had the chance to visit it yet but is is high on my "to visit" list.

this is as u can see from the sign board on the far right is the wet market for the town of Pekan. the upper half is actually a futsal court.

this is what the restaurant looks like. a simple building but it has a regular crowd. business is ok.i guess. that is all for the time being. i'll post some more next time.till then god bless all of us.


STEFENO said...

More picture...more picture..more picture heheehhee.....Cute betul la musang tu, macam yang kena cakar hahahaha....