on Friday, December 14, 2007

i was busy for the past 3 weeks a lot of thing going on in my mind. i git news that 1 of my friends that i knew for a long time is going through some troubled times. i pity her.all that she wanted in life was a good job and a good relation with someone who really knows how to love and appreciate her. all that i can say to her or to anyone who is reading this who is going through the same situation is be strong, never give up on life.

moving on to some other under the weather topics. Sibu is flooded. i went to downtown sibu for some errands and to my surprise the whole town is flooded. some places are inaccessible by land vehicle and must be reach by boats. i heard from words of mouth that Sibu is flooded but i didn't expect that the situation will be this bad. i have some pictures that i took and also 2 video clips of my passing through the flood water. i just hope that the rains will stop and we can resume or normal life.i really pity those who are really hit by the flood. the emergency welfare system here is not that great.

this is somewhere near the junction heading out of sibu. the fence on the right is a schools fence.

This area is where i usually have dinner. even thou the reataurant is nof flooded but the road is. a about a feet of water or more as you can see from the telephone booth.

This is a road scrapper that is going through the flood. if you are asking what is the thing doing there, the reason is some top brass is asking that the roads is filled with gravel so that vehicle can pass through. nice idea but why didn't they make the road higher before the flood???

asking the fire department for help is out of the question because they are also experiencing a watery problem of their own.