Google Chrome

on Sunday, April 12, 2009

i've been using Google Chrome for about a month now and this is my review on it.

1. Really nice layout. clean no messy nav bars but can be intimidating to those who are used to Firefox and IE. There is an address bar but it also doubles up as a search bar too.

2. difficult to clean the download history. it is not in the download windows such as Firefox but in the customize and control Google Chrome sections.

3. Downloading is nice. speed difference is obvious from Firefox. faster(at least i feel it faster). have a nice little graphic to show how much have been downloaded.

4. Doesn't have integration with Free Download Manager. so if your using Free Download Manager like me then you have to do it manually.

5. i like the layout when you open a new tab. it displays 9 off the most visited sites that you go and also the most recent closed tabs also the book marks. you can even search you history via the history search tab.

6. low memory consumption. unlike forefox, chrome is very prudent in utilizing memory.

7. the click action is lacking or lagging. i'm not sure if this is due to my mouse of the browser itself.

that is all i have to say for now about firefox. if you are interested in using Google Chrome the download link is on the right.

thank you for reading.


nat said...

apropos your 5th comment with new tab display, i think nothing beats the new tab addons.
The newtabking ( add-on is one i really like (and worth sticking with FF as far as I'm concerned...)