on Thursday, April 9, 2009

this is the most recent speed test that i did using speednet.com

i'm currently speechless over the current internet quality in malaysia.
we are striving(trying) to be a develop nation by 2020 but out IT infra are just to ancient.

i'm currently having a lot of difficulties in accessing the internet. i really don;t understand why we as paying customers have to bear with idiotic internet speeds. i can;t use other service providers because there are non available in my part of the woods.

i have heard of lease lines and so called business lines from tmnet but the prices are exorbant. is this the malaysian way?? put high price for commodities that the people really needs? not only the internet but water and electricity tariffs are also going up but how come we don't hear the utilities company posing losses. which means they are making profits and does the profits profits the users? no they profits the managers and higer ups of the company.

if wishes do come true, i wish that malaysia would have a true, and united rakyat taht will voice out their displeasure with confidence and knowing that the goverment would hear the pleas and cries and actually do something about it then bickering about in the dewan rakyat like kindergarden pupils or to be more specifically like dogs fighting over a bitch.

to our elected MPs. stop your foolishness and do your job before you are asked on your death bed what have you done to help the people that put you into power.