Proton Exora

on Monday, April 20, 2009

The highly anticipated MPV from Proton has been launched and it is called the Proton Exora. It looks like the APX Concept release by Lotus Engineering in 2006.

below are the two models.

<-------------This is the APX Concept.

This is the Proton Exora --->

well to be fair, lotus did came up with the APX concept as a platform for any manufacturer that was interested in it. the good thing about this platform that it is highly customizable to the car manufacturer with loads of layout that can be made for the chassis.

i had the time to go and check out the exora. the model that i have a look at was the 1.6 auto metallic m line. price at 70k++ depending on your interest rates.

i didn't took any external pictures as you can see them easily as an Exora past by so i took internal pictures. things that just not easily seen by normal people.

From exora

as you can see the Exora is a seven seater mpv and surprise-surprise the second and third row seats can fold down to create a flat even surface for laoding alot of luggage.

From exora

a cubby hole is located underneath the third row seats. gud for keeping first aids kits or anything else.

From exora

as you can see the lacking of the glove box in the proton iswara/saga blm and gen 2 was really notice by Proton and so they design not 1 but 2 glove boxes in to the Exora.

From exora

rear passengers are given their own air cond vents and the controller is sadly on the roof at the second row seat. but at least it is comfortable even in the third row unlike the toyota avanza where the third row seat is better off to children then adult being on them.

From exora

unfortunately the Exora only comes with 1 engine option and 1 gearbox option which is the 1.6 Campro CPS and a 4 speed auto box (as pic below)
From exora

. the gear lever is a gated type so you dont have to push any buttons on the lever to get into gear just push,pull and slide to either prefered gear. the gear lever action is really light and solid.

From exora

more cubby holes. there is 10 drink holders around the Exora but i only manage to find these.

From exora

new integrated cd player and radio with bluetooth support for phone by clarion . real positive move by proton to promote road safety by integrating the bluetooth system into their radio. the call can be made via the steering wheel. the radio also has an aux port so that you can also connect you media players (mp3/mp4/ipods) to the radio.

From exora

the normal controls for aircond, hazrad light and windows de-mister.

From exora

the cockpit panel. nice reddish glow. quite sporty if you ask me but in an MPV it just look strange.


well inmy honest opinion, the Exora has a lot to live up to. it is the most crucial product after the new proton saga that has to make people believe in proton again. the value for money is really good but i do think that the price could be cheaper and also more items as standard such as sat-nav(which is only available in the H-line)and also an overhead dvd player with screen (which is also in the H-line models.)

The engine could have been a bigger capacity. i was hoping for a 2.0 v6 but only a 1.6 Campro. it really makes me wonder because proton have a good relationship with Renault why didn't we use 1 of their engines to power the Exora like proton did for the Savvy.

i will buy it. that is my honest opinion. and i'm not paid by proton to say this but i would buy it if i
  1. have a growing family.
  2. travel alot.
  3. always bring alot of stuf.
  4. have alot of pets(dogs/cats) that follows me everywhere i go.
  5. like to bring my whole family for road trips.
  6. like to bring my buddies for teh tarik,football, etc sessions.
  7. not looking for something that is more stylish.
  8. and i'm able to stand the mockery of other people saying that proton builds bad cars which they do once in a while.
Have a good day everyone.