on Saturday, August 11, 2007

I was betrayed. I was betrayed by the people that should have been my link to the system. Yet what they did today cannot be dismissed easily. If there is any party that is trying to cover up something by denying my rights today, this is a warning to them. Blood will flow and heads will roll.

From my previous post I should be at home by now with my family but that isn’t the reality. That scene only exist now in my dream for my flight was cancelled by some top brass in the HQ deeming that I was not worthy to use the charted air ticket. The news arrive to me just minutes before I was to check in for the flight. Not only I was denied my flight, I was also removed from the evaluation that I should be taking on the 14th.

I managed to contain the damage by getting the evaluation to be done at a location near my work place yet the flame of anger burns strong in me. As I look hard into myself to find peace with the predicament that I went through today I realize the anger actually came from the fact that I can’t be with my family and not from being removed from the evaluation.

Being away from the family is taking a toll on my emotions. It has been almost 7 month since I last say them and it will be another 2 month before I can go back for the holidays. That to is just for about roughly 14 days depending either if HQ will approve my leave. If not I have to go back for about a week only.

I don’t have the mood to publish today so I will end here for today. Happy days everyone and god bless us all.


STEFENO said...

Sabar jer la yer bang oooiiii....