on Tuesday, August 7, 2007

     It is really funny how the world seems to work. At 1 moment you are the king of the hill and the next thing you know you’re a nobody. Life is like that. It is an never ending cycle of ups and down on our life till our very last breath. I was thinking about this for awhile now. Today I seem to reflect on myself more then I usually do. I look around me and I just amazed myself on how great is this life. Who ever thought that from my humble house in the small village in Selangor, I ended up to where I am now. In Sibu, Sarawak. That is roughly 1200km away from my village.

     I never dream even as a small kid to ever worked here. Maybe I had wanted to come here for a visit but never in my wildest dream that I would 1 day work here. I started out working as laborer in a casting factory not far from my house. If I really wanted to go back I was working part time on my school holidays selling fern shoots to sponsor my appetite for motoring. So as lonely and humble my life is at that time as a laborer then the factory decided to pack up and move to a new location. I didn’t follow the factory and so I was jobless for the time being.
     Luckily for me I found a job as a dishwasher at a restaurant which is also near to my home. The job was ok. Not to difficult and the pay was good. Rm15per day. I work for about 6 month and my application was approved at a local tertiary education center. Little did I know that for the next 2 years that I will be there will the start of a new phase of my life and most of the lessons that I learn in the 2 years kept me going until today.

     I’m not going to tell all the things that I learn or experience in my 2 years for it will take a lot of space. Suffic eto say that I learn a lot. I meet a lot of people. I made a lot of friends some are even with me till this day.

     My life took another turn when my father was diagnose with cancer. All of the sudden I was the bread winner for the family. My mother had to take unpaid leave to be with my father at the hospital. She would take care of my father in the day while I took care of him at night. I got a job at a fast food joint. I work there for about 3 month then I got a job as a sales assistant in a very famous optical retail chain store. I work there for years and I enjoyed it. The pay was good then the unthinkable happen. The company downsized and I was not on the payroll anymore.

      I apply to work in another prominent company and got the job and that too wasn;t long for I was offered my current position about 3 month into the job. So here I am now writing my life. What I’m really trying to tell is that there is a cycle in our life.

     When we are at the top doesn’t mean that we will be always on top and when we are at the bottom doesn’t mean that we will always be at the bottom. When we are at the top we must remember to be prepared for we can fall down. We must also remember to be kind to the people that are bellow us for one day they might be at a position that is higher then us. When we are at the bottom we must not despair and blame the world for it’s cruelty on you. We human are a strange lot. We wail in despair, we blame others or ourselves for anything that is bad that happen to us but in the end we still managed to get over it one way or the other. So with that I put up something that will be like a logo for me a circle. To symbolize the ever constant revolving world of ours.