hmmm it is a sunday

on Sunday, August 5, 2007

     It is a beautiful sunday. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the birds are flying about yup today is a beautiful day. I'm just trying to relax after a chaotic week. Hopefuly next week is not as bad as this week.

     This what my schedule will look starting 06/08/07

06/08/07 - 0600 am : Fishing competition between the stafs

06/08/07 - 1930 pm : Continuation of the bowling competition we had about a month ago.
                                         This time it is to get our all star team ready for the friendly matches that                                          will be setup in te near future. I'm still having trouble to break the 350                                          points mark. 

07/08/07 - nothing yet in my daily planner so maybe it is a rest day

08/08/07 - our first friendly bowling match. The opponent is a strong one. 
                      I really hope that our team will win. The time is not yet set but i think it will be in
                     the evening.

For the rest of the week i can't see any  plans or projects yet. I will just lounge in my room as i wait for something interesting to happen until then. Please enjoy this video from Rammstein till we meet again. It is very entertaining to say the least.

what did i say. interesting eh.


STEFENO said... a bee hehhe....