on Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A pleasant surprise waited for me this morning at the office. It was a fax from headquarters that required me to report there on the 14th of August for a competency test. I don’t mind taking the test as it is a good indicator whether I’m getting rusty or I’m improving. The surprise is that in my homesick situation I am able to go back for free because the airfare will be taken care of.

Nobody at home knows yet because I want to surprise them. I said to them that I will be coming back during the Hari Raya holidays. My mother and grandmother will be so surprise when they see me appear suddenly at the front door.

Some have asked me why don’t I go back more often when I have the chance to. Not that I can’t afford the airfare or the time but to tell the truth I can’t stand goodbyes. It breaks my heart time and time again whenever I have to leave them and return back here to Sibu. People say it is a normal thing to meet and say goodbye. I acknowledge the thought. Month and month I am in Sibu and I have like 2 weeks of holiday before I have to return for another year. The pain of separation is deeply felt in me but I don’t show it to anyone. That is why I don’t let anyone to send me off at the airport for I rather take the time to commute to slowly prepare myself for the flight back to Sibu.

Some asked me why don’t I asked for a transfer so that I can be back home. The answer to that is that the life is quite good here as long I don’t venture off to town. The meals are served, lodging is provided, uniforms are given and the pay is adequate. Another thing that is holding me down is that getting transferred is difficult especially when I only want to be transferred to the HQ for that is where I can developed to my full potential. This place is more like a training ground for me to prepare for the transfer to the HQ when the time has come.

Other asked me how does my girlfriend stands up with the fact that I’m so far away and we seldom meet and when we do meet it is just for a short period of time. People say that long distance relations are risky for one of the partner not be able to stand the emotional stress that is commonly related to long distance relationship. I agree but there are some good in long distance relationship. First is that you don’t get bored with each other. Some couple tends to be bored with each other after awhile especially when they are in a relationship for more then 2 years. This gives a chance for the boredom to dissipate. Secondly you don’t run out of ideas of places to go considering that neither of you will spent considerable time at certain places that are special for you like the place that you both meet for the first time or first date, where you celebrated your birthday together and other places that are special to you yet are ordinary to others. Thirdly you will value your partner even more when you are away for such a long time and distance.

There are some bad things that can happen in a long distance-long term relationship and most of it involving 1 party getting heart broken or both of them. The only way to counter the negative effect of long distance-long term relationship is to be true to yourself and your partner. Don’t leave your partner in the dark of your status. Write a letter, send a postcard or in this modern days send and email, sms or call your partner. Don’t leave them hanging on to the false hope of you calling or contacting them. When it gets to prolonged the effects are devastating. For the girls and some boys you must not be blinded by jealousy especially the blind type. If your partner doesn’t call or contact you doesn’t mean that they are flirting. It may just be that they are busy or fallen ill. Couples in long distance-long term relationship also has to fight off the emotional temptation of others that may approach in the form of colleague that show empathy towards your loneliness. They maybe just good friends who just want to cheer you up but you are thinking the are the one for you for they are providing you with the attention that you are craving for. Just stay true to yourself and trust each other and everything will be just fine. In the case that the other partner is not faithful, just dump the fellow and get 1 that is.

I’m putting some photos of where I’m working most of it is the water recreation area. Until next time I hope all of you will have happy days ahead of you and god bless us all.

The little speck that is on the swing is me.


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