monday..... what can i say it is a monday

on Monday, August 6, 2007

     Nothing much is going on. It is just a typical monday. All of my schedule for this week has been  push back to a later date to due unforseen circumstances. It dosen't bother me much though for i have some important matters that i have to look into after KIVing them for sometime. The most important matter is i have to make decision that will take effect on someone in the workplace getting the boot. It is not that i enjoyed sacking people ut i have no choice when sufficient warnings and that person still plays a hard head then i will have no choice but to make a decision to support the sacking of that person.

    Not to say that he is a bad egg or anything but i think it is more to arrogance. the said person is a long time staff. He has been with the establishment for about a year now but from what i can see is that the said person have change from a shy, and most of the time obedient staff to a truant, snob. I dont really like sacking people but i have to take actions to people who are a threat to the integrity of the workplace. 
Just 2 weeks ago another 1 got sack for his act of racism. sorry for the wonky paragraph. i just cant get the text editor to be on myside as i'm wiriting this down


     I dont really understand the people in this state. The can't bear to see people of other race or state who are better then them. the will try by hook or by crook to make the other race look like a second class to them yet they fail to see that it is their own race that are weak and incompetent.

     That is the only feasible explanation that i have regarding why there so many of us from the 
peninsular are serving in this state as school teachers, police officers, army personels, 
admin clerks, and other various position in the state goverment because the cant take care of 
their own bloody state for themselve.

     When the people of this state are offered jobs that are currently being filled by people from the peninsular they are reluctant to be send of to the deeper areas of the state they are reluctant to go and are willing to let go of the post because they are not willing to go out of their comfort zone.

     My laptop battery is running out of i will end it here for now. have a good day